Nancy Haggerty makes her throw to second

Monique Pyle hurls the ball into the infield

Gina Cuevas and coach Jeff Roeder
hang out on the sidelines

Giants bench on game day

Deirdre Reznik holds Amanda Beck on at first

Stephanie Kung looks in for the pitch.

Flamethrower Susan Winthrop releases her trademark curveball

Rochelle Robert takes a hack while Nancy Haggerty catches

Derika Legg checks the runner, Karyn Rodus, at second

Alana Libonati readies for the pitch,
while Steph Kung sets up at the plate

Maia Weinstock reaches back
before firing a speeding bullet

Jen Gulley keeps Deirdre Reznik on first,
while coach Scott Batten checks his lineup card

Cyclones, Yankees and Giants pose
after their last game of the season

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