Six members of the New York Women's Baseball Association participated in an historic baseball game in mid-October of 2003. A fundraiser for US Doctors For Africa (an organization that sends medical relief to AIDS-ridden Africa), the game was also the first-ever 24-hour-long game to be played solely by women. Practice clinics took place October 16th and 17th at the Kino Baseball Complex in Tucson, Arizona. The game was played in Tucson's Electric Park October 18th-19th and lasted 65 innings in a span of 24 hours and 12 minutes. << Return to photo index

Jennifer Gulley, Dorothy Staub, Jan Yuvan, Maia Weinstock, and
Stephanie Kung take a break after a long first day of practice.

Dorothy Staub chats it up with several veteran members
of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League,
which operated in the 1940s and 50s.

A League of Their Own: Players pose with members of the All
American Girls Professional Baseball League. Clockwise from
top left: Dolores "Pickles" Lee Dries, Jeanie "Lefty"
DesCombes Lesko, Amy Love, Unknown AAGPBL player, Unknown
AAGPBL player, Unknown player, Jan Yuvan, Kim Wagner,
Unknown player,Unknown player, Stephanie Kung, Unknown
player, Maia Weinstock, Dorothy Staub.

The lady wants grapes.
(And she wants 'em now.)

Welcome to Tucson's Electric Park, home of the AAA Tucson
Sidewinders and the spring training home of the Arizona
Diamondbacks and Chicago White Sox! The African Grey-birds
(left) and the Red-Eyed Nites (right) are flanked by US
Doctors For Africa president Ted Alemayhu (far left) and
American Women's Baseball Vice President Rob
Novotny (far right). View Full Size

New York Women's Baseball Assn. Representin' (L-R):
Maia Weinstock, Stephanie Kung, Jennifer Gulley,
Jan Yuvan, Kim Wagner, Dorothy Staub

Maia hits a high fly, DEEP to right field, it's going, going...
Just kidding, it's a harmless foul!

Maia hits an infield blooper that falls in for a fielder's choice.

We want action: Maia can't wait to pounce at third base.

Jen Gulley gets hit by a pitch in her first at-bat,
while Steph Kung gets out of the way!

Infielder Dorothy Staub is ready
to make a play at second base.

What a relief: Stephanie Kung takes
the mound for the Red-Eyed Nites.

Two NYWBA Cyclones going at it:
Jen holds Steph on at first.

Kim Wagner, in her trademark Mets
hat, roots from the sidelines.

There's Kim tearing up the basepaths!!
(She would later score.)

One of the AAGPBL-ers (Anna? Pickles?) swings away.

Jennifer, Chiba (#47) and several of their
teammates take a break from the action.

Changing of the guard: Maia greets Steph
as she reports for mid-morning duty.

Slugger Stephanie prepares to take an at-bat.

Someone call Topps and Upper Deck,
cuz Steph's ready for her closeup!

After her 1am hand injury, Maia becomes the
Red-Eyed Nites' cheerleader extrordinaire!

There's nothing like keeping a major league bench warm...

Dozing, not posing: Steph sleeps while
Kim smiles for the camera.

We made it!! Clockwise from left: Dorothy Staub, Kim Wagner,
Maia Weinstock, Jennifer Gulley, Jan Yuvan, Stephanie Kung

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